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$10 before 10:30. $15 presales.
flavorus tix $15:
this guy always plays at Hard events and with RL Grime and he kills it every time. idk how this show isn’t already sold out, hmu ASAP cause I think people are just lagging. don’t miss out on this! I can get you good ass deals on bottles too. πŸ‘

me omw 2 steal ur girl @ #yost tomorrow for #passionpit

last chance for me to add you to GL or snag presales for y’all. text, fb message, or send me an IG DM πŸ˜—
big ballers, shot callers, and/or bottle poppers ask me about our table pricing 😁 see you all there!

#socal #PassionPit fans, come see them this thursday! DM or comment if you want to get on GL. or if you have any questions at all! ⚠️ free before 10:30 for 21+ and $20 before 10:30 for 18+ ⚠️ $25 GA ⚠️ and all you #yost regulars, please come celebrate our 🎊🎈 4 year anniversary 🎈🎊 with us! I wanna see all your beautiful faces there 😜

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